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Creepy fictional town names

Here’s a random village-name generator. Twin 7. BY Chris Higgins. While many New Mexican town names are unfamiliar because they’re in Spanish or because they have Native American origins, others are just bizarre. Many of the names include detailed etymology; all include meaning. There are a wide variety of ghost town names in the world and in works of fiction, some of them  Some of the locations in our favorite scary movies, creepy TV shows, and mysterious works of fiction have become so iconic that they might as well be characters  To create a good town name, it needs to describe your town, whether that be fictional or real. Dialect coach Erik Singer analyzes some of the most famous "constructed languages" in movie and television history. Some names are given to both boys and girls. Creepy town names for fictional book. City Name Generator. I can dream about culture and the people inside of the cities, but settling on a decent name is what stops me in my tracks. With a year-round population of about 1,500 (the town's motto is "The Town Too Tough to Die"), Tombstone hits its stride around Halloween, when travelers descend on the town to celebrate "Helldorado Days," which began as an anniversary commemorating the famous gunfight at the O. Hobb’s End, NH. 16 of 31 Getty Images Tombstone is one gold-rush-era "ghost town" that isn't, well, a total ghost town. Silent Hill is one scary ass town. The names can be used for fantasy games and stories. Yes, a ghost. It's probably not recommend but it could also be used for Christian gospel and church groups. 1: To Kill a Mockingbird 26 Fictional Places You Wish You Could Live. Silent Hill. Made up names are perfect for them. There might be an abundance of scary raccoons and people that are pretty overweight and  Also, If you need a name for your group, we have listed several cool gang name ideas. Wacky Town Names. orbitz. A town in California that appears in Psycho. The shows with the highest IMDb score are ranked the highest, with #1 being the best TV show of all time, as rated by IMDb users, and with Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. An offhand remark or sarcasm can sometimes be taken seriously. Maricoxi is the name given to several ape-like creatures supposedly lurking in the jungles of South America. Planet Name #3: Ruhanga. I have to say, Donald Duck has not aged gracefully Mmmm, she looks delicious! The name Anastasia belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia. 1. Black Cat, Arkansas 4. ” But honestly, “the land of the weirdly named” might be more accurate. Eras To give you more colorful names of the ages, eras, and periods of your game or story, or to inspire new ideas! Particles Generates names for particles you may use in a science-fiction setting. random names / what to call a character / name suggestions / first name tool / surname finder / boys names / girls names/ double-barrelled names / human / fantasy / vampire / zombie / witches / wizards / fan fiction List of fictional towns in literature. Unisex Baby Names; Baby Names by Origin; Unique Ideas for Baby Names; Most Popular Baby Names; Celebrity Baby Names; Fun Stuff. How you use the city or town name is up to you. Woodsboro, CA. There's GM guides, free music, DIY guides, puzzle guides, all sorts of tools ranging from a dungeon creator to a map creator, from a spell card creator to a family tree creator, and so much more. Emerald City: The Wizard of Oz: MGM There have been millions of place names created throughout history for cities, countries and towns, some stand the test of time and others get changed or forgotten, by using this place name generator you should be able to find a suitable name which will be interesting and memorable. This is a list of fictional towns, villages and cities organized by each city's medium . warning us about If you have come here looking for a fictional place name, you have probably . Congratulations, you're an oddly shaped foreigner that likes to steal people for unvalidated reasons! Okay, let's be honest, your obsession with studying the human anatomy is a tad bit creepy. From Narnia to Neverland, Oz, Rivendell, Cloud City, Eerie Indiana, Even, if now also, you are not scared or can’t realise goosebumps, take a stroll through this list of 50 scary places around the world. You can make The 23 Weirdest Pub Names In Britain. For this list, we're taking a look at the coolest future cities depicted in movies. From the easternmost reaches of Maine to the western Alaska islands in the Bering Sea, these United States include towns with every imaginable name. Here are some great names that a web visitor suggested: Tannin, means 'dragon' in Hebrew. The creepiest movie characters make or break the cult status of a film. Cause of Death 6. Reading How to Design a Fictional Town or City. I need fake high school names? What town does this high school exist in? Or you can name it after a president or someone who you think is a hero. Live Science is supported by its audience. R. You enter a world that takes you to a land, a city or even a town where life is just a little bit different than the place you happen to live. Over 1000 Texas ghost towns: history, travel, landmarks, old maps, vintage/contemporary photos, contributed by descendents of town founders, residents, fellow travelers and adventurous photographers. As with all generators, ignore or justify nonsensical results. Town on the banks of the Mohawk River in New York State, from "An American Tragedy", 1925. Most of the names on this page are original, but some are from the "Credits" page at the Car Talk web site and a few others were submitted by site visitors. I'm not sure how that would hold up though because we've never actually met the woman. The names below include gender, meaning and origin. Creepy Picture Thread (Read OP) Post pictures of creepy people, places or really, anything! Strangest town names in your country The Ultimate List of Clan Names. In mythology, this is the name of a god of the underworld. A game of ponies building a town. He had an “antique” shop and had interesting things for sale. Simply refresh the page to generate more random planet names. 4% growth nation wide. . Sometimes, their selection goes beyond creative to plain cuckoo. It is revealed that after Mary and the other original residents put up the signs directing people to Terminus in hopes of creating a sanctuary, a group of bandits saw the signs, came and took over the town. Chances are, a person with a made up name will never meet another with the same name. There is a reason behind almost every city name, some cities are named after an important river, mountain or natural place nearby, some other are named after important events or that took place there, or even the names of the first citizen of the town. In B. Before adding a name, please check all three tiers to make sure it is not already on the list. Which real-life languages inspired "conla In the second tier are other names you might run into more than once in your lifetime. They've got everything from the personality traits, to the looks, all the way to the names. The town name was named after Haddonfield, New Jersey, the hometown of the film's co-writer and producer Debra Hill. The Pechs were considered tremendous castle builders and were credited with the construction of many of the ancient castles. It is my humble opinion that using period-correct names can add a certain "ring" to a story. K. Click the names for more info or view all in each category below. My grandpa was Enos and great grandpa was Shem. com/blog/2015/10/towns-with-spooky- names/ What are some good small town names, real or fictional? 1,206 Views. Naming fictional places/ cities/ towns/ etc? [duplicate] I want to name some fictional places but don't know how. Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! The diner industry has changed in recent times with new health options made available to children and adults alike. 10 Random funny names from each of our categories. If you’re looking for idea starters, writing prompts and plot ideas for a mystery novel, a horror novel, a thriller, or any kind of spooky screenplay, you might find what you’re looking for here! They’re from my book 5,000 Writing Prompts: A Master List of Plot Ideas, Creative Exercises, and Scary School is the first book in a new series written by a ghost. In 1612, a 12 people were accused of the murders of 10 people by witchcraft, and 10 were found guilty and hanged. Filming took place from September to November 2010 in Georgia. GHOST NAMES A good list of ghost and spirit names, and names mean soul. There’s no beach in Flin Flon, so you can drop the idea that its name was inspired by everyone’s favourite summer sandal. This haunted word list is filled with Halloween vocabulary (and candy, always candy!). It was filmed in Ogden , South Salt Lake , and Draper, Utah , except the series pilot which was filmed in Canmore, Alberta , Denver, Colorado and Calgary . Carl Hose Updated March 23, 2017. ) Continent Name Generator Latest 2019. Hap Collins and Leonard Pine live near the imaginary town of LaBorde, Texas, but in the book I'm reading now, the fifth in the series, they're about to drive up to Hootie Hoot, Oklahoma, to help a friend of theirs get out of a jam. If it’s meant purely to scare, then some of the heftier books on this list would have wracked up a body count, terrifying readers to death over 700 pages or more. Names vary from the amost normal to the downright bizarre. The Ambers and Wendys and Brandons of today were the Netties and Elizas and Philips of yore. Generate more names using current options Not the length you want? Try medium or long names instead. Unlike our main unusual, bizarre or humorous names of towns in the U. It is the main setting of the Air Bud film series. Across the 50 states, more than anywhere else in the world, cities and townships have some of the strangest names you’ll find. Fictional Town Name Help One of my biggest struggles with coming up with a new setting in a world, is coming up with a name for cities. Suitable for dark or ominous characters of all types, not just the undead. I'm looking for a name that could make a pony curious to enter the hotel . You can sense her The Random Name Generator is a simple fiction writing tool to create character names. If you don't want your baby to be the third "Matthew" in class, use this list of weird names as your guide to choosing something more hip and trendy to call Funny Names of people, place, things, bands, websites and businesses. This is one of the most beautiful royal baby girl names meaning ‘resurrection,’ which made it totally appropriate for the princess considering the Russian history. So Blade was born as a dhampir, a human with a vampire’s genes. Jude Michaela, Blake Josephine, Delilah Kristen, Ainsley Susannah Joy Jacob Dalton, Tristan Grant, Kellan Christopher, Aidan Daniel Other Names: Lewis (nn. Link: https://www. Is Womengo Alaska a real city? These 10 Towns In New Mexico Have The Strangest Names You’ll Ever See. French Names like Juliette, Andre and Saville are all well known ones. S. towns with CHRISTMAS or holiday season names, this page focuses exclusively on U. newerth. Part of the town is known as Côte Blanche — French for "White Coast" — because of all of the white painted houses that were there for most of the early and mid 1900's. Many schools are named for the street on which they are built. . Fernfield Air Bud: Buena Vista Pictures: Fernfield, Washington is a town located in Washington. Posted on April 10, 2013, 07:06 GMT Luke Lewis. 20,000+ Names From Around the World! Baby Names, Pet Names, Sim Names, Story Character Names. Pendle Hill was home to possibly the most well-known witch trial in English history. You will find even more great Medieval Female Names! At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have researched long and hard to provide you with a comprehensive list of baby names. Generates a random name for a fictional city. The generator contains English first and last names based on the database of the US Census: The other thread got me thinking about street names. Pegues. Psycho Path – Traverse City, Michigan. Ariana Grande Lyrics 9. We seriously should sue Stephenie Meyer. Tobran (a barbarian) Jhyn (asian half-elf) Taor Raorenson ('cursed' minotaur) Kolanthel (elven-raised half-elf). In essence, then, these fantasy worlds become a nice escape from our own lives. Female Name 4. Becoming a woman and need a female name? Want to name your car after a girl? Pick randomly from a list of 1,000 random girl names! This tool will do the thinking for you, all you have to do is choose your favorite! If you're expecting twins, or think maybe you're having a boy, you may rather list of boy names or non-gender specific baby names. Cape Fear, NC: Widely recognized as the name of a 1962 thriller (and its 1991 Martin Scorsese remake), Cape Fear is a tiny town halfway between the larger metros of Raleigh and Fayetteville. Blade is the name of the vampire hunter from the movie of the same name. Fictional cities often deliberately resemble, parody or even represent some real-world analogous location or present a utopian or dystopian locale for commentary. Each medieval village name is voted and rated by our visitors so that you can choose from the most popular and highest rated medieval village names. Since we're like you, we know you want to lose yourself in the kind of stories you can read quickly but will As you go about your daily life, it's easy to forget all of the weird and wonderful things that are tucked away around the world. Tombstone is one gold-rush-era "ghost town" that isn't, well, a total ghost town. Alliteration 10. Kingdom Name Generator. Domestic Noir Plot 8. In all, the Generator creates every name in real time from over a billion possibilities. Books about Small Towns fiction or nonfiction books capturing the warmth and weirdness of small town life All Votes Add Books To This List. i have homework to write a gothic story have you got any good fictional castle or manor names???? HELP XXXX Any good fictional gothic castle names? One of the first was called "Otranto" Why not just call it "Doom castle" Or "Immertod" which is german for "Forever Dead" Or "Avernus" which is the place of the dead in Latin mythology. Planet Name #1: Eta Barton 3. Sometimes they're infamous. Erie, Pennsylvania. Goldstadt This is a new story idea I had, but I can't think of a dark name for the hotel. Stephen King is known for the fictional Maine towns he creates in his fiction. Most of the time the movies are about good guys trying to track down a murderer that keeps on producing bodies all over the city, either purposely leaving clues or making mistakes that almost always leads to him being caught by the film’s end. His name was pronounced Feenis, but spelled Phineas. Here are some suggestions from our random Planet Name Generator. I don't want it to be overly dark, e. Whatever you want your story to focus on – murder, pumpkins, candy, monsters, Satan, spiders, bats, or cats – you should be able to find at least one appropriately named town in the below list. NO I hate this furry Get out your Pokédex, because you're about to record some scary info. This is a new story idea I had, but I can't think of a dark name for the hotel. Drake Lyrics 5. People say the game’s creators were inspired by the real life ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania where an ongoing mine fire has been burning for over forty years. (Has anyone seen Hitchcock screen actor’s ghosts?) Sleepy Hollow Road – Drums, PA (No crazy headless horseman ghosts – or so they say…) Chemical Road – King of Prussia, PA (Smoke stacks are bountiful here-wonder if anyone glows in the dark?) Wit’s End Road – Andover, The true origin of the name is unknown, but it's been suggested that the number comes from the town’s place along the 84th mile of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line, or the year the post This list of scary short story titles should give you ideas for not only more titles for scary short stories but also for other stories, even for non-fiction articles. towns with AUTOMOTIVE-related names, U. Job creation within this industry has been on a slow rise, seeing a 3% growth in 2012 compared to the overall 1. The occupation of Terminus was a period that occurred long before Rick and his group came to Terminus. The generator will create a new random country name each time you click. The Random Name Generator is a simple fiction writing tool to create character names. Choose some keywords and we will automatically create a town in seconds. Realistically speaking, a ghost town was usually a regular town at one point, so their name would've likely been a regular town name as well. Most of these names I have found floating around in my mind, the names of people I imagine live in the village of New Monia, Pennsylvania. Old People, the - Another Cornish name for the fairies. The Town with a Dark Secret trope as used in popular culture. Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Ten Creepy Fictional Towns from Horror Movies Potters Bluff, New England. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico. BizarreBub 261,590 views. Pan’s Labyrinth – Pan’s Labyrinth. But many abandoned towns will get a new name or a nickname, and those are covered in this generator. Map Of The Most Popular Girls’ Names Cataloged […] Many writers use actual towns and cities in their fiction, but there are some writers who opt to create their own towns and cities. With the tool above you can explore gender neutral names in previous years. example: (s)(s)ra will match names which have two syllables and then the sound rah (c) will match The Fictional Setting: The haunted town of Silent Hill, as seen in the series of video games and movies. Quickly plot the blurb for a horror film or novel. New Orleans is chock full of cool street names. It was around 1540 that Spanish explorers in New Mexico heard of the legend, and set out to find it. In my (unpublished) series, I created a whole new world and was able to name islands as well as cities. , Elysian Fields Ave. Story Genesis. Boy Names That Start With B For that brilliant, brawny, bashful, or boisterous little baby-to-be, we have the perfect boy names that start with the letter B. In Celtic mythology, this is the name of a lord of the underworld, the husband of Fuamnach. Thousands of names from around the world sorted and categorized by country, language and meaning. Its name is enough to strike terror into the hearts of even the most  22 Aug 2018 Fictional towns often allegorise whole nations, whole eras. Animals also feature in the names of towns such as Kontiomäki (Bear Hill), Kotka (Eagle) and Nokia. 14 Best Campfire Stories (Scary / Funny / Creepy) Editor / April 16th 2019 / 4 Comments Sitting around a campfire in the dark is a perfect time for telling stories. Cape Fear’s name dates back to a 1585 expedition in which a ship became stuck behind the cape. The most famous city with this name is Washington DC, the capital of the country. 26, 1881). Horror is a peculiar genre. The 50 Weirdest Town Names in America. Otherswell, other names are funny, so funny that they might even embarrass the wearer and be part of an article like this one, feature 60 funny names that are so unfortunate, it's just laughable. The optional A site of generators to randomly produce concepts, characters, and descriptions for stories, role-playing games, and art, as well as have fun and alleviate creative blocks. The list is heavy on text-based subs, rather than on image This time, we got "Fictional town, the setting for several Kurt Vonnegut novels - or a hip bone?" crossword puzzle clue. Sep 2, 2019- Explore 98clouds's board "creepypasta family" on Pinterest. Character Personality A big problem was the town’s name. While this film doesn't follow Stephen King's short story of the same name,  13 Aug 2018 In TV and movies, crazy, creepy, sci-fi, monster movie junk always goes This list charts the history of America's fictional small towns from kind  66 TOWNS AND CITIES WITH SCARY NAMES. A Redditor cobbled together 19 of the strangest places on earth, reminding us all of the creepy things that could be hidden in our very towns. Population: Abandoned buildings and an ever-present, spooky mist. Today, whenever I start a new book, finding the right name for my town (always fictional) is just as important to me as finding the right names for my hero and heroine. Create the perfect name for an imaginary town or randomly pick one using our automatic town and city name generator. Pendle Hill, Lancashire. ? Im writing a book and I need a short, catchy and creepy town name! Its to do with the supernatural and stuff like that and I 30 Scary Sounding Cities In The U. Read in another language Malgudi is a fictional town in India created by R. 'The evil nag'. I'd prefer quite a creepy, mysterious name. Whether for a play, novel, short story, soap opera, TV series or movie script, our randomly created locations will inspire new thoughts and ideas. C. The generator contains English first and last names based on the database of the US Census: 1219 male first names HP Lovecraft’s fictional town of Arkham #HPLovecraft #map #fiction #fictionaltown #Arkham More information Find this Pin and more on Maps of Fictional Worlds by James Priest . From Possum Grape, Arkansas (a possum grape is a fruit vine native to North America), to Frankenstein, Missouri (named for the Franken family, allegedly, not the Mary Shelley book), there are plenty of towns south of the Here are some suggestions from our random Planet Name Generator. Whatever you name your fictional town or city, be creative. It’s tuned to generate English village-style names, with a touch of D&D. 8 Dec 2018 25 Fake: Luodian Is The Scandinavian Town That Can, Oddly, Be Found In China . Generate a Town Name. ). miscellaneous, town, random. If you looking on internet a Town name generator with fantasy town name, to generate a random town names so, you come to the right place now a day am share with you a place related names in your hometown search a fantasy type latest our perfect combination town name generate a random names in data 12000 name added my team so its perfect name on one click to How do you guys think of town names for your fictional places? I'm sure this must have been covered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find anything so I guess I'll ask it here - how on Earth do you come up with good place names? Ren MacCormack (played by newcomer Kenny Wormald) is transplanted from Boston to the small southern town of Bomont where he experiences a he Footloose - 2011 remake of the 1984 film of the same name - Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, and Andie MacDowell. The latest trends for baby girl names are using names of flowers and nature names in general, gender-neutral names, names of beloved characters, and names that end in -a. at 01/17/13 5:59PM. We did all the research for you and compiled this huge list of female demon names including 39 female supernatural entities, what they do, where they originate, appearance, and features. Our last name generator will randomly choose last names and present them from a huge last name list. They are not just dolls! They can be found all across the island, they move their hands, they even whispers to each other and also lures the boatman to the island! Sound creepy, right? Sometimes a town is named after a person, no matter how weird that person's last name is. Upvote the scariest locales! Upvote the scariest locales! Some of the locations in our favorite scary movies , creepy TV shows , and mysterious works of fiction have become so iconic that they might as well be characters themselves. Sometimes they're famous. Crystal Lake. Refresh the page to generate more fictional planet names. Share This Article After waking up with a jolt, the girl laid in bed a few seconds longer. Male and female first names shown here are real, though uncommon, and are randomly selected from a long list. Also know an Atley there. If you look on the internet a Fantasy Cool Continent name generator so, you come to a right place now a day my team share with you on the request base generator help to find a perfect continent name. In the film, Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while she was in the labor with Blade. There are towns in every state with weird names, the kind that make you wonder if your map app is messing with you. According to locals, there are five "types" of Maricoxi, ranging from two feet to 12 feet. October 10, 2015. List Rules Creepy and scary fictional places you're really glad aren't real. Thanks City & Town Name Generator. The 36 Funniest Names In The World I Can't Stop Laughing! April 21, 2014. Learn more Halloween's Top 10 Scary Creatures The RaToNaGe will then run its series of complex, complicated and convoluted algorithms and, within less than a minute, return a unique, scientifically-derided, custom-made name for the country, kingdom, area, town, city, village or place you are trying to name. What are some fictional names of a town or a city? Which fictional town is the setting for Sin City? "Basin City" : "BaSIN City" . Also, if you could stop being such a smart a** when it comes to time and crap, that would be great. BuzzFeed Executive Editor, UK. Generate a Fictional City Name Get a random name for a city/town/location. Rituals are a handy part of any cult, particularly those in a fantasy or horror setting Names based on the information found in “Ritual Name Generator” & “Cult name & Title Generator” by Ennead Games Update:Cult namer & Leader Namer added Unusual Made Up Names. Amity Island, New England. Despite the fact that some pretty shady stuff happens in Rosewood, These are 28 of the most hilarious city names ever. There's not much to complain about in a town as happy as Who-ville! There might be an abundance of scary raccoons and people that are pretty Spooky Street Names. It Here’s another sinister and spooky Halloween name for your baby. Presidents Club – A fictional gang from True Crime- New York City. The Wanderers Library is the Foundation's sister site and features the endless stories contained within the Library, home to the Serpents Hand and readers of all shapes and sizes. place names pivotal to the TV series LOST, town names associated with VALENTINE'S DAY or romance and U. You can even enter a first name to see how various last names look with it. Imagine the location generator to be a helpful friend throwing out random suggestions. So, what does it mean when the town's name is something scary? In the spirit of  23 Aug 2016 Here are some the famous fictional places where nobody wants to go. He grew up at 522 Elm St. (To look up a state abbreviation, check here . Who said that a horror story should be lengthy and articulated to scare the hell out of you? The creators of these 20 creepy and short horror stories made of just two sentences, will make you envision a whole terrifying scenario by using just a few words. Besides, making up fictional town names is fun. George Washington founded the National Armory here and later it became a world leader during the Industrial Revolution. During a drive through Great Britain, the brilliant Lyza Danger Gardner noticed something odd about the The Fiction Writer's Location Creator helps writers conjure interesting names for places to set their scenes. That was the intent all along, as it's set in the same eponymous fictional town as exemplary King works Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank This is a list of villains and the monsters they (may have) portrayed. Blood, New  Specific Setting I: Classic Dungeon Fantasy Name Generator. Perhaps we’re just a sliver of time away from an alternate existence, or perhaps regular people we pass on the street are names without pronunciations are excluded from results * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation. Changing the Name of a Fictional Town by Linda Thorne Sometimes it's the little things about writing a novel that get authors all in a tizzy, spinning our wheels on something that may not be that important. Savage XR & Heroes of Newerth Community. We already have a huge listing of demonic names, so we decided to make it easier for you by separating the demon names female from the It's kind of creepy how similar we are to the book characters in Twilight. Restaurants are expected to employ 13. While the story is clearly fictional 10 Creepy Vintage Videos (scary footage) Eskify. From monikers that tell you where, exactly, Town Name Generator Latest 2019. These Ghost-Type pastas are about Pokémon! The sources of the images used in some of the pastas is located below. Character Name Generator Whether it's a daring leader, a creature of fantasy or an evil villain, we'll find the perfect name for your character. Springfield. The hotel is quite haunted, there will be many mysterious scenes. 43 Charmingly Odd British Town Names. Choose Male or Female names. A city is a continuous area of land where more than fifty thousand people live, work and play. As many streets are named after trees, bushes, or other plants, you can't go wrong with an Elm or Oak or Alder or Palm. 11 Creepy Subreddits To Keep You Up At Night I’ve done a little legwork for you and assembled 11 of my favorite creepy subreddits. Benjamin. Although a made up name quite often gets a weird look and a comment like "Oh. The generator may be useful for naming fantasy islands, pirate islands or some other exotic island. Please login or register. 20 Really Creepy Video Game Theories That Totally Make Sense analyzing the fictional universes of their favorite games in an attempt to discover hidden Looking for baby names starting with R? Take a look at our alphabetical list and find girls names and boys names beginning with R. "He Who Walks Behind the Rows," to all the older children of the fictional town of Gatlin. Sometime early to mid January 2014, I experienced firsthand some questionable events that I then perceived to be connected to creepypasta characters. The name of the town is usually the first impression on people passing through or coming to live. , I always liked Dalrymple and Morning Glory. Bundanyabba is terrifying in its remoteness, its insularity, its booze, and I suppose it The town has several names: where the whites live, it's Uptown; where some  24 Jul 2015 The Creepy Small Town (CST), with its sharp picket fences and a good harvest, and each family is pulling a name from a black box, and now  7 Apr 2014 26 Fictional Places You Wish You Could Live . Search more French Baby Names below and find some ideal picks for your new baby. Use alliteration for names like Peter Parker or Susan Summers. This mega-ranking of the most frightening, the scariest, and the deeply disturbing tales on r/nosleep and creepypasta Westfield Watcher redux: 3 other creepy town happenings I am pleased to know your names now and the name of the young blood you have brought to me. Its good for when you are stuck for an idea. Pirate Name; 2. Tweet. Variants of cities' names sometimes make it clear what city is the real basis, for example, Las Venturas from the video game Grand Theft Auto series based on Las Vegas, and includes a number of notable city landmarks including casinos. 31 Oct 2018 A town's name is usually based in history of the community. If you are a property developer and have a town to name, you can name it with the features of the land in mind, for example, if the town has two rivers meeting at it, you could call it Two Rivers or something similar. Generate a list of random names. The serial killer has been a focus of film for decades now. 23 or 36 or 158 work. When people think of vampires, they usually think of famous fictional bloodsuckers like Dracula or his historical counterpart, Vlad the Impaler. Deadman Landing, Florida. Where do surnames come from? Surnames — also called family names or last names — haven’t been around forever. It can produce thousands of fake country names. Fictional Places in Literature. Rosewood is not a real town (trust us, we’ve looked it up on Google Maps dozens of times). Corral (it went down Oct. Back to NAMES main page LINKS: VAMPIRE NAME GENERATOR A web-based vampire name generator. For those of you into fitness discover clever names for workout and weight loss groups as well as dance groups. “Castle Rock” is set in Maine, but it was largely shot in the But she has a grasp on things — on who Slender Man is, on what Creepypasta is, on the exact route she and Morgan took out of town, on the last names of her relevant friends. 10 Creepy Historical Vampires You’ve Never Heard Of Aaron Short , Updated June 20, 2014 When people think of vampires, they usually think of famous fictional bloodsuckers like Dracula or his historical counterpart, Vlad the Impaler. Bourbon St. The Subversive, Non-Creepy Charm of Mexican Street Clowns is in one of the best plazas in town, But then Piskachin revealed two of his fictional names, to huge laughs from the crowd: Rosa 10 common amish men's names. " Baby names from fairy tales (and their Disney iterations) have long been popular choices for parents-to-be. Perhaps younger people will think of True Blood, The Lost Boys or the sparkly vampires of Twilight. Google Maps. i Need a name for a creepy town? I'm writing a short story that takes place in an abandoned city that's really dark and creepy. Narayan in his novels and short stories. Springwood, OH. The city and leader names are simply placeholder names, each race has about 10-15 names. If you are writing a fictional work, such as a book or game, you can use this scale to refer A site of generators to randomly produce concepts, characters, and descriptions for stories, role-playing games, and art, as well as have fun and alleviate creative blocks. Could not load the game, reload to continue. What's even fun is that you can make up your own pirate names and even give outlandish pirate names to your friends, family members and coworkers. and local lore It's kind of the granddaddy of this new crop of creepy fictional podcasts. com. Cuesta Verde, CA. Below are some of the most gender neutral names given in the most recent year. If you are looking for a random city or town name to spark a location for a book, game, or a script, millions of possibilities are at your finger tips. In Europe, last names are Prolific New England author Stephen King's creepy storytelling is fueling a new streaming series that debuts Wednesday on Hulu. 1 day ago · Stacker explores the 100 top-rated TV shows of all time. Planet Name #2: Sakina. Any have a name for the city in mind? Some ideas would really help. 35 year-old maybe mommysomeday, and writer looking for that next best character name. Example: I'm currently reading Joe Lansdale's "Hap and Leonard" novels, in order. From monikers that tell you where, exactly, Read 50 Fictional Town Names from the story The Holy Grail of Names by FangirlCrossing (Blackbird) with 6,840 reads. So P(ublic) S(chool) No. Of The Future Read this: 27 Parents Explain Why They Regret The Names They Gave Their Children Read this: 52 Weird Names Of Places In The United States That You Just Can’t Believe Are Real Read this: Here’s Your Ever-Changing U. The name of the hometown of the Finnish mobile phone producer derives from an old word for dark-furred martens, whose pelts were valuable. The states that have cities with Halloween related names are listed in alphabetical order, as are the cities within each state. Pirate names are fun, whether they are real, fictional or derivative. There is always a story in my mind about how the town name came to be, though that rarely makes it to the pages of the book. Some cities are named after a prominent landmark or an abundant resource, even though it may be a bit of an embarrassment (gold, wood, etc. They are not just dolls! They can be found all across the island, they move their hands, they even whispers to each other and also lures the boatman to the island! Sound Now known as Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, the town and its abandoned streets, cemeteries and ruins have been the setting for many ghost stories, including one about a ghostly orb appearing in a now-vanished garden maze at the home of C. Did you miss your Some names are tragic, reminiscent of some old discord and some are can even get you in trouble. The town borders the Portland area as well as Lewiston/Auburn which, trust me, is as terrifying a place as anything the book has cooked up. 301 Best Catchy Antique Business Names Sep 10, 2019 May 8, 2017 by Brandon Gaille Majority of new antique businesses fail in the first two years due to poor planning. Haddonfield, IL. myvocabulary. They are often a result of growing populations, which introduced the need to distinguish people by trade or heritage. Antonio Bay, CA. Demon Names Female List. The first place with this name was founded in 1636, Springfield, Massachusetts. The ghost’s name is Derek and he died while attending Scary School. Reports say that, upon being sighted, these creatures charge any human they encounter. It is especially useful for fictional writing or naming places in games. If you enjoy a good spooky story here and there, have I got the list for you. The United States is known as “the land of the free. Bad Axe, Michigan 2. Another name is from a great-something grandfather, Ten Idyllic Fictional Towns You Wish You Could Move To. Many people want names that are so unusual, they are practically unique. It is a simple fact that names change in use and popularity, over time, and the names we give our kids today are probably not what our great-grandmothers used. The generator can be used to find funny group names for youth groups, girl groups, and singing groups. It is brilliant for generating medieval kingdom names for use in a book you're writing. Nobody wants to go an eerie place and perform dangerous tasks. Weird, Wacky, and Unusual Baby Names. But just as a precaution, I googled Lake City and sure enough there was one. Looking at this list, it begs the question what people were thinking when they came up with the name for their town. 8:34. It's like she knew us without meeting us. #15, I want to live there…. I refer to these as dual gender babynames. You can generate thousands of cool island names. page, U. My original name was Lake City until I discovered a small town of similar size in the Colorado Mountains named Lake City. It was named after Springfield in Essex, England. This name generator generates names for geographical features, town names and village names. Bat Cave, North Carolina 3. Home » The Rewrite. g. Ghost town name generator. Each episode acts as a news broadcast of sorts from a small desert town named Night Vale, and they're more horror/dark The Internet is crawling with creepy creatures and haunting ghouls, all made immortal by creepypastas, scary tales and images spread across message boards. From Brown Edge to The Drunken Duck. ORPHEUS (Ὀρφεύς): Greek name derived either from orbhao "deprived" or orphe "darkness. Since its official proposal in 1954 by Hugh Everett III, the idea of parallel universes has boggled the minds of scientists, philosophers, bloggers, and average folk alike. Halloween vocabulary, Halloween word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots. Quivira. I refer to these as gender neutral names. Derry is a fictional town created by Stephen King to serve as a nexus of horror in books such as It, Insomnia, The Tommyknockers, and 11/22/63. Santa Mira, CA. Lew), Everly, Luke, Claudia A Good Place: The fake town where everybody knows your name With a population of over 87,000, Lower Duck Pond is the largest, friendliest, and oddest city that’s not on the map. 10 Creepy Historical Vampires You’ve Never Heard Of. Bright spirits, owl spirits, gentle spirits, evil spirits, etc. Pechs, or Pehts - The Scottish Lowland names for fairies and are confused in tradition with the Picts, the mysterious people of Scotland who built the Pictish brughs and possibly also the round stone towers. Fun side note: The town names for the fantasy races are all names taken from games (mostly WoW), but slightly altered. Parents these days do not want their kids to share names with other people. Death Valley, North Carolina. 23 Oct 2014 Stop in for some coffee at one of these ten fictional horror movie towns. The dark mysterious female character in my novel is Carina Here are some names I think could sound dark and mysterious depending on the character Names Fantasy-Style Names Modern Names Name Jumbler Name Mixer Place Names Accessories Animal Companion Armor Art Object Car Charm Currency Familiar Futuristic Spare Part Gemstone Insignias Magic Artifact Magic Weapon Magical Component Musical Instrument Potions Spaceship Small Inventory Tarot Card Treasure Trove Color Ballads Diseases Fancy Drinks Fashions Latin Gibberish Now known as Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, the town and its abandoned streets, cemeteries and ruins have been the setting for many ghost stories, including one about a ghostly orb appearing in a now-vanished garden maze at the home of C. It has some truly evil shit going down inside there and I would never want to visit. Loading Unsubscribe from Eskify? 5 Creepy Puppet Shows for Kids - Duration: 8:34. Derek the Ghost tells us the ins and outs of the school as well as introduces us to many of the students and teachers at the school. Earthlike Planet/World Generator Get random ideas for planets and worlds that are  7 Nov 2017 From Batman, Turkey, to Metropolis, Illinois, these cities and towns share a bit of pop culture fame with some of our favorite works of fiction. Castle Rock feels exactly like a Stephen King novel. Do you love true scary stories? What about ghost stories that actually happened? Or maybe you want to read something dark and creepy? Of course you do! We know this because we love them too. Taking a road trip to Monkey's Eyebrow? America's a big country. Ghost towns often have names that are oddly grim or creepy. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Find a name for your island with our new island name generator. Heya and welcome to Roll For Fantasy, a site dedicated to a wide range of aspects of tabletop gaming, as well as writing in general. Reaching over to switch on her bedside lamp, she tried to remember exactly what had stolen her sweet slumber away. Similar to the El Dorado legend, but a few thousand miles further north, this was a legendary province that was said to contain seven cities of gold. Strong Boy names are the epitome of "Boy-ness"… So if you are looking for a name that other kids will hesitate to pick on in the school yard, check out these ones. It also lists which episode they were featured in. , the muses streets: Melpomene, Terpsichore, Euterpe, Caliope, Clio, etc. Need a made up country name for a fictional story? Try out our country name generator. A good list of ghost and spirit names, and names mean soul. #newerth @ irc. Welcome, Guest. During that time, I'd written about these "experiences" in two online journals on both Quotev and Wattpad, the names of the journals being Horror Story Plot Generator. Possibly parody town of Fairfield: Flagstone Once Upon a Time in the West: Paramount A small town in Texas that appears in Once Upon a Time in the West. Knew a Phineas in Reno County, Kansas (yoder) but he recently passed. Does this question strike your mind when you meet babies with unusual names? Well, the answer is simple. Springfield comes in 2nd place with 41 different cities and towns sharing its name. Currencies Creates imaginary names and denominations of currency for your settings. You can also use this generator for use in a fantasy game for example, you could use it as a Kingdom Hearts name generator. If this is not pure storytelling talent, I don’t know what is. Sometimes, the strangest things make me think: "That would make a good name for a bar!" If I opened a bar, it would be a feline themed bar and I'd call it The Litter Box. Everwood, Colorado is a fictional small town that forms the main setting for the American drama television series of the same name. Next we will look for a few extra hints for Fictional town, the setting for several Kurt Vonnegut novels - or a hip bone?, 5 letters answer". Sadly, all they found was some copper and iron. In fact, this Manitoba mining town is named after a science fiction literary character. the planet is home to creepy old structures the fictional English town which is the setting for There are countless small towns here that will make you scratch your head and wonder where their unexpected names came from. net. Halloween vocabulary, Halloween word list - www. But there have been plenty of vampire tales that stemmed from real events or people, like . You can either take a tour around the area, or, if you're brave, follow the trail yourself. In New York schools were numbered -- really. I was halfway through the book then and couldn’t believe I had missed it when researching small towns. A few have been suggested by, no doubt, equally creative readers listed as "contributors" at the bottom of this list. Unlike the creepy, supernatural events that take place in King's Castle Rock, the  13 Aug 2018 In TV and movies, crazy, creepy, sci-fi, monster movie junk always goes This list charts the history of America's fictional small towns from kind  A list of some of the bizarre, unusual and funny Australian city and place names. population admits to believing in ghosts and the decaying and creepy hospital is a hotspot for urban explorers, paranormal investigators and the curious in Los Angeles. We are in fact happy that this gory underworld exists only in fiction. Names for vampires in a variety of styles. Hill Valley, California: Back to the Future: Universal: Hill Valley is a fictional town in California, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and 16 miles from Grass Valley. Many writers use actual towns and cities in their fiction, but there I just need a name for my dark, mysterious character. Automatic town generator tool. com Discover Baby Names and Meanings. The word 'Wicca' is based on the Old English name for witch, and Wicca itself is a complex series of beliefs that are often based around the duotheistic worship of a Mother Goddess, and a Horned God, usually seen as a symbol of fertility. (I'm terrible with names) Are there any websites 1. The city and town name generator uses a database of over five million names across more than 150 countries. We have taken names from every culture and corner of the globe. reload to continue. Creepy town names keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Browse through these thousands of baby names for girls--names traditionally used for females or are considered gender-neutral. There are lots of funny country names and lots of weird and crazy ones as well. It was a lot of fun! I used people’s names I thought were pretty and a strange word that means “appetizer” for one of the islands. Here are 52 to choose from. Unusual names go into the third tier. If you have a cool medieval village name that is not listed, then you may submit your medieval village names for inclusion in MedievalNames. In order to pay homage to those who take pride in their pets’ unconventional names, Nationwide pet insurance (formerly known as Veterinary Pet Insurance) set out for the tenth year in a row to find the 50 most unusual dog and cat names in the United States. Whether you are writing a fantasy book, film or game, the right kingdom name can be a great way to add a sense of consolidated power in the hands of a single character, this can create pivotal decision points in any story or plot line which can add a twist to the whole story and keep the reader on the edge of their seat, so to speak. Creepy Site Generator Generate strange and spooky locations and places. Our town generator uses parts of real place names in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, to help you build original but realistic sounding places. In the case of this article, villains are for the culprits behind the monster scam. Alabama The USA has many good ones! Tombstone, Arizona. Male Name 3. sinister psychological horror storyline creator / creepy idea generator / supernatural film plotter / gothic story Okay. Even skeptics, would you want your grandma to live anywhere within the top 5 floors of these future senior living apartments? About 42% of the U. On this page, we list all three varieties of pirate names for your viewing pleasure. The name of the town is usually the first impression on people  24 Oct 2017 These town names — and the stories behind them — will give you the the spelling is different (which grammarphiles probably also find scary. If a name fits, it fits. 1 million The last name generator should be used for inspiration. Special thanks to our users Justin Fox and arimazzie for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool Even, if now also, you are not scared or can’t realise goosebumps, take a stroll through this list of 50 scary places around the world. When it comes to baby names, the country of France has some great ones to share. (Any similarity to an existing town name is purely coincidental :-) Choose your own ending, then click the button. com/blog/2015/10 How 13 U. We've collected some of the more surprising examples. The scariest of all of King’s fictional towns—even in recent works, it’s referred to as a cursed place where people simply don’t go—‘Salem’s Lot was based on the author’s own home town of Durham. Please note that because this data is based in part upon existing place names you may well find some that already exist. If the name sounds family, then that's because it was named after the capital Silent Hill, and the fictional city in the film was actually based on the Arkham Asylum is a scary place, and the psychiatric hospital played an  Pennsylvania. See more ideas about Creepy pasta family, Creepypasta characters and Random pictures. So i would like to see a Tarantula or a spider named Widow, if u love your spider and its name is Widow, u won't be as scared because it will remind u of your arachnid friend. MIDIR: Irish name of unknown meaning. example: *lee will match names which end with the sound lee (s) will match exactly one syllable in the pronunciation. Top 50 Wackiest Pet Names The Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names of 2017. Using one’s imagination one can look at a suggested title, and think of many topics to write about that might suit that title. So use this cool kingdom name generator to generate a lot of names quickly and easily. Some names are given to roughly the same number of boys as girls. Hence, they choose creative and unheard names for their kids. 15 Gadget Hackwrench Gadget is a fictional character from the animated Disney cartoon series Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers as the sole female member of the Rescue Rangers the genius of the group an inventor who is responsible for creating all the gadgets to aid the group in their missions. It is one creepy fantasy world which very few would like to visit. Towns Got Their Spooky Names. If the name you are adding is an uncommon name, you might consider adding it to one of the other lists at Character names instead. place names that are directly or indirectly associated with Halloween. There are, of course, plenty of name generators on this site to create proper names (though town names for other races are still in the works). You are welcome to send me funny names to add to this list, but note that I post only names that could be real. Return to selection page. A list of vampires and dhampirs in fiction, and other spooky names! A web-based vampire name generator. Think of silent hill but the sories not the same. The last names created here are from 2,3, or 4 name fragments. 100 Most Popular And Funny Baby Names: were i live people don't like the Black Widow cause of its poisonous bite, they only bite to protect themselves. The town appears in all of  Ghost towns often have names that are oddly grim or creepy. The fictional setting for Pretty Little Liars is based on an actual town in Pennsylvania called Rosemont, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. For many a pet owner, Max sounds mundane and Bailey is simply boring. This tool generates a fictitious, 'English-sounding' town name. (Photo from here ) In the ghastly spirit of Halloween on Thursday, I thought it’d be fun to pull together a list of scary sounding cities across the U. VAMPIRE NAME GENERATOR Names for vampires in a variety of styles. This list . A population lower than fifty thousand is considered a town and higher than about one million is considered to be a metropolitan area. Fictional cities with nonsensical names are harder to keep track of if the work of fiction has multiple locations, so keep that in mind! Click on the Related Question to see how to make up great The 50 Weirdest Town Names in America. creepy fictional town names

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